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North Yorkshire and East Riding

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What is the Hub?

REACH is the Community Led Housing ‘Hub’ for North Yorkshire, East Riding and York, providing support and technical expertise to groups wishing to develop new affordable homes for their communities, promoting housing for local people.

REACH has been set up by the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Strategic Housing Partnership. The partnership is made up of the following Councils and the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales National Park Authorities.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council
North Yorkshire County Council
City of York

What is Community Led Housing?

An alliance of organisations has developed the following definition of community led housing:

Most community-led housing developments have the following features:

Are there different types of Community Led Housing?

Community-led housing comes in many different forms – there are no standard models, but it can include:

Community Land Trusts provide affordable homes for local people in need by acquiring land and holding it as a community asset in perpetuity.

You can find out more from the National Community Land Trusts Network.

National Community Land Trusts Network

National CLT Network

Housing Co-operatives involve groups of people who provide and collectively manage affordable homes for themselves as tenants or shared owners

You can find more information from the Confederation of Co-operative Housing.

Confederation of Housing Co-operatives

Cohousing schemes involve groups of like-minded people who come together to provide self-contained, private homes for themselves, but manage their scheme together and share activities, often in a communal space

You can find more information from the UK Cohousing Network.

UK Cohousing Network

Tenant Management Organisations provide social housing tenants with collective responsibility for managing and maintaining the homes through an agreement with their council or housing association landlord.

National Association of Tenant Management Organisations

Self-help housing projects involve small, community-based organisations bringing empty properties back into use, often without mainstream funding, with a strong emphasis on construction skills training and support

You can find more information about self help housing here.

Self Help Housing

Community self-build involves groups of local people in housing need building homes for themselves with external support and managing the process collectively.

You can find more information from the Community Self Build Agency.

Photograph: Rob Turner

The Community Self Build Agency

What's happening now?

Community Led Housing in York, North Yorkshire & East Riding

With funding from the Nationwide Foundation, North Star Housing Association and the UK CoHousing Network in 2016, the North & East Yorkshire Rural Housing Enabler Network and Community First Yorkshire undertook research into the potential for Community Led Housing in rural North Yorkshire and East Riding. The aim of the work was to raise awareness of community led housing and to identify pilot communities where community led housing could be supported. The report produced as part of the work can be accessed below:

Access Report

In late 2016, the Government announced a new £60m Community Housing Fund to support communities affected by high house prices and second home ownership. Our area received £6.2m of this funding in 2016/17 and hopes to secure additional funding in 2017/18. The breakdown of funding between the Local Authorities is:

East Riding of Yorkshire £2,042,864
Craven £605,964
Hambleton £195,277
Harrogate £585,832
Richmondshire £493,730
Ryedale £431,322
Scarborough £1,860,672

The Local Authorities and the York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Housing Board have worked together and with community groups to identify opportunities to invest this funding and to use some of it to develop this Community Led Housing ‘Hub’ across North and East Yorkshire which provides support and technical expertise to groups wishing to develop new homes for their communities.

In the North Yorkshire and East Riding area, one community housing scheme has been completed at Hudswell, Richmondshire (completed 2017); however several other schemes are at various stages of development and other communities across the region are considering possible projects.  It is intended that the Hub along with support from local authorities and other organisations will stimulate interest and help communities to progress their schemes.

You can find out more about what people think about Community Led Housing by visiting our Videos page.

You can also find out about local schemes as well as other national examples on our Case Studies page.

Case Studies

What is a Community Land Trust?

One of the most popular ways to provide community-led housing is through a Community Land Trust.

The Community Land Trust Network defines Community Land Trusts as a form of community-led housing, set up and run by ordinary people to develop and manage homes as well as other assets. CLTs act as long-term stewards of housing, ensuring that it remains genuinely affordable, based on what people actually earn in their area, not just for now but for every future occupier.

Possible legal entities are:

All these legal formats are Limited Liability – which means that the organisation has its own legal personality, so in the event of the CLT not being able to repay its debts, the liability of the members (including directors) is limited to either the amount they have paid for their shares (if a Community Benefit Society) or the amount they have guaranteed which is usually £1 (if a CIC Ltd. by Guarantee, Charitable Incorporated Organisation, or a Company Ltd. by Guarantee). The only eventuality leading to a member becoming individually liable for costs incurred by the CLT would be if that member acted ‘ultra vires’ (outside the law).

You can find out more from the Community Land Trusts Network:

Community Land Trusts Network